Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Passage of S.3624 Represents One Step in the Right Direction

Earlier this week the House of Representatives passed S. 3624, Military Commercial Driver's License Act of 2012 by unanimous consent agreement. This was possible because the House of Representatives is currently in pro-forma session. House Leadership (including Whip Hoyer) agreed that this bill would gain the support of the members so an agreement was made to expedite the bill. The bill essentially allows active duty military, military reserves, National Guard, active duty United States Coast Guard, or Coast Guard Auxiliary service members to earn their commercial driver’s licenses in states where they are stationed.  With jobs widely available in the trucking industry, and Reserve unemployment rates nearly 3 times higher than the general population this bill removes unnecessary roadblocks and allows qualified service members to utilize their military experience to quickly gain civilian employment. Passage also represents progress in ROA's continuing efforts to expand USERRA protections for employees who require regularly-scheduled, mandatory continuing education and licensing/certification. Below is a sampling of ROA testimony towards this goal: