Friday, September 25, 2009

Welcome to ROA's new blog: The Reserve Officer

It has been my goal to connect the Reserve Officers Association with the online tools of today, providing better and more regular outreach to our audiences -- particularly members of the Reserve Component serving today. I'm pleased to say that we will now begin blogging here. Blogs take many faces. One blogger I recently spoke to didn't like being called a blogger, and preferred the term news analyzer. This blog will do that. It will also be an outlet for ROA to issue statements of its own. Some content will be original and other posts will be pieces of information from others of which we think our audience will be interested and we will have original reporting discussing military policy and advocacy positions. We will blog from our educational events and post information germane to our Servicemembers Law Center. The bloggers of these posts will be the nationally elected leaders of our association as well as the National Staff directors, so posts will have many personalities. Thank you for following us!

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Anonymous said...

I know there are a lot of service members out there that would love to hear more about what is happening with VSI/SSB recoupment. The program has been suspended pending legal review. I would like to know if there is anything being done for those who have already had to repay VSI/SSB benefits? After all, we are the ones primarily responsible for bringing this injustice to the attention of all concerned.

bob said...

I also, would like to know the status of the VSI/SSB recoupment legal review. I have already had to repay the entire SSB received, including taxes, prior to DoD recending the recoupment.

ReserveOfficer said...

@bob - DoD adjusted their policy to limit recoupment to 40 percent. This undercut the legislation which would have reduced to 25 percent of retired pay. The problem with this is that advocating elimination of repayment at a time that Congress is looking for dollars and the deficit largely looms. For more information on this topic, visit ROA's facebook discussion currently ongoing at

bob said...

I am still confused. Did DoD adjust their policy to recoup 40 percent of the total amount of SSB received, or 40 percent of a member monthly retirement pay until the total amount has been repaid? If the adjustment is 40 percent of total amount received, what recourse due a member have, who has repaid the SSB at 87%.

ReserveOfficer said...

DoD is limited to recouping 40 percent of the retirees monthly pay. Previously, some members had to forfeit up to 75 percent until the bonus was repaid.