Friday, December 4, 2009

National Health Care Reform

By CAPT Marshall Hanson, USNR (Ret)
Director of Legislation and Naval Services

At the December meeting of The Military Coalition (TMC) legislative goals for Calendar Year 2010 were discussed. Included in the Health Care Section goals was National Health Reform. The goals state that “The Coalition opposes any effort to integrate TRICARE and VA health care systems in any proposal that Congress may develop as part of national health care reform. These two programs are integral to military readiness and serve the unique needs of service members, military retirees, veterans, wounded service members, Guardsmen and Reservists, and their families and survivors.”

TMC will work to ensure that any national health reform legislation:
  • Protects unique TRICARE, TRICARE For Life, and VA health care benefits from unintended consequences.
  • Opposes any cuts or “savings” in Medicare to fund a national health care program that will have an adverse impact on TRICARE for Life.
  • Bars any form of taxation of TRICARE, TRICARE For Life, or VA health care benefits.
  • Preserves military and VA beneficiaries’ choices.
ROA is a signee to these and other TMC goals.

P.S. These goals will be updated from 2009 to 2010, hopefully before next Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...

I would hope that TMC conveys to members of the House and Senate that we will not forget those who voted for Health Care Reform that does not include ALL of TMS's concerns.

COL Thomas M. Stephen, Jr., AUS (Ret.)