Friday, December 18, 2009

TRICARE Announces Coverage for Gray Area Reservists

Yesterday, TRICARE announced that it will implement a program to provide health care coverage access to "gray area" reservists.

The new program will allow certain members of the Retired Reserve who are not yet age 60 ("gray area" retirees) to purchase TRICARE Standard (and Extra) coverage.

Read the details of TRICARE's plan.

The new program, as written in the 2010 National Defense Authorization Act, was supposed to start eligibility on Oct. 1, 2009. When the Department of Health Affairs notified ROA of a possible implementation delay of 11 to 18 months, ROA coordinated with other associations to send letters to congressional leadership highlighting that the Pentagon was not meeting congressional expectations for implementation.

After submitting a request, ROA leaders met with representatives from the TRICARE Management Activity to discuss the details and implementation of TRICARE's new program.

ROA recognizes TRICARE's responsiveness to expressed concerns about "gray area" retiree health coverage access implementation, and will continue to work with TRICARE and other associations as necessary to ensure the new program's success.

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