Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ensure TRICARE exemption from National Health Care Bill

ROA recommends writing to your elected officials to include language during the conference to add a TRICARE and Veteran health care exemption, by protecting the health care authorities in Title 10 and Title 38.

Section 311 of the House Bill H.R.3962 says Retention of DoD and Va Authority - Nothing in this subtitle shall be construed as affecting any authority under title 38, United States Code (veterans health), or chapter 55 of title 10, United States Code (military/TRICARE health). The subtitle only refers to the exchange program (public option). While ROA has been reassured that the intent is that National Health Care Reform will have no impact on military or veterans health care, ROA leadership is not 100 percent confident without a change to language being included in the final bill.

While ROA has already written House and Senate leadership asking for a change, replacing the word “subtitle” with the word “act” to broaden the exemption; ROA members can help by contacting their elected officials and having them contact House and Senate leadership to have this language included during the conference meeting. Or call through the U.S. Capitol switchboard at (888) 762-8760 to contact leadership offices directly.

Alert #1: Contact House members to include a military and veteran health care exemption in National Health Care Reform.

Alert #2: Contact Senate members to include a military and veteran health care exemption in National Health Care Reform.


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