Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ROA submits testimony to House Veterans Affairs committee on Claims Processing

ROA submitted testimony before the House Veterans Affairs committee last Thursday, March 18.

ROA was invited back for a third time to participate in the House Veterans Affair roundtable, this time on the solutions to claims processing. ROA Legislative Director Marshall Hanson talked about the unique challenges of the National Guard and Reserve veterans. ROA commented upon the need to outreach to veterans and that there was a need to develop software that could survey veterans, and proactively guideline to the veteran benefits that they need. This could be the initial step in claims submission.

“According to a benefits analysis report in 2008, Iraq and Afghanistan National Guard and Reserve veterans are more likely to have claims denied,” testified CAPT Hanson. “Additionally, they are also likely to receive lower disability ratings. This problem is in part a matter of communications, where active duty is better informed on the claim process than the Reserve Component. Reservists are half as likely to file claims.

“The solution is outreach, which will not only benefit National Guard and Reserve members, but also remotely located veterans who have been discharged.”

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