Friday, July 9, 2010

Give us input: ROA to meet with GAO on Tricare

The Reserve Officers Association legislative team has a meeting with the GOA this week to discuss outreach efforts by the Tricare Management Activity. We are looking for your input. From your perspectives, how would you answer these questions? Please post your responses to the blog here. If you wish to be contacted about your response, please do not post anonymously.

Access to Care under TRICARE Reserve Select
1. What impediments, if any, is ROA aware of regarding the ability of the Selected Reserve to access health care and mental health care under TRS?
2. Is ROA aware of any concerns TRS beneficiaries may have regarding access to care? If yes, please describe these concerns and whether they may vary by region.
3. Are the issues regarding access to care under TRS different or unique from those experienced in other TRICARE programs?

Outreach and Education
1. Is ROA aware of any challenges regarding the ability of Selected Reservists to obtain information on TRICARE Reserve Select, including mental health benefits?
a. How satisfied is ROA with DOD's efforts to inform Reservists about TRS and the access to healthcare and mental health providers?
b. What steps could DOD take to improve its outreach efforts for reservists?
2. How helpful is TRICARE Management Activity's publications about TRS, regarding health care and mental health care? Are there any improvements that can be made?
3. How satisfied is ROA with efforts of TMA's TRICARE Regional Offices to educate Reservists about TRS?
a. What if any steps could regional offices take to better educate Reservists about TRS?

TRICARE Retired Reserve
1. What is the most up to date information ROA has obtained regarding the establishment of TRICARE coverage for certain members of the Retired Reserve? What is the status? Has it been approved? If so, what are the next steps?
2. On your website, you speak of concerns regarding the implementation of TRICARE for the Retired Reserve. What concerns you about implementation of the Retired Reserve program?
3. What does ROA feel will be the potential impact of the TRICARE Retired Reserve program for "gray area" reservists? Are there any concerns regarding this program?

1. Is there any other information that ROA would like us to know regarding either education and outreach efforts for the Selected Reserve or access to care for beneficiaries of TRS?

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Michael said...

1. Why does there seem to be a stall in implementing the Tricare Retired Reserve benefit? The TMA has seemed to drag it's feet (actually not even working with the bill's sponsor Rep. Latta - OH). The TMA Director (Rear Adm Hunter) says that Tricare will post information on it's website. The latest information is dated Dec 17, 2009.
2. Many retired reservists made decisions to their own healthcare plans based on the Tricare legislation passed back in October 2009. In fact, there was an article in 2009 by ROA that stated to keep your reciepts so that you could be reimbursed for out-of-pocket costs until the details of the implementation of TRS was rolled out. Now we find out there is no intention by TMA to offer retroactive. Let's get on with the implementation of this law before we turn 60!