Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Veterans Employment Center Unveiled at OPM

Erim Sarinoglu
ROA Intern

ROA was in attendance yesterday as the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) unveiled their new Veterans Employment Program Office on the anniversary of President Obama’s Executive Order 13518, “Veterans Employment Initiative.” OPM Director John Berry presented the center as a resource hub connecting veterans to the employment opportunities available across the many branches of the federal government.

Located inside OPM’s 1900 E Street, NW building in Washington DC, the center is designed as a walk-in resource for veterans interested in federal employment. Veterans will have free access to the center’s counselors, computer resources and conference areas. The center will provide guidance on preparing resumes, identifying employment opportunities and counseling service members on their options and advantages when applying to the federal government. Equipped with technological aids for those with disabilities and private conference areas, the Veterans Employment Program Office will be fully operational for veterans.

Due to recently-established quarterly meetings with OPM, ROA has been more involved in the effort to increasing hiring of veterans to federal positions. The Veterans Services team at OPM under the direction of former Marine Colonel Ray Decker seems to have a fresher, more communicative, and more collaborative approach to improving federal employment of veterans across government. ROA is optimistic that collaboration with OPM will allow us to better serve our members and the veteran community.

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Anonymous said...

If there is no significant penalty for violations, the center will be full of empty promises. As a veteran with 90% service connected disability from an injury in northern Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom I found that a VA Medical Center did not pay any attention to veteran or non-veteran status and definitely not to my diability status. The director of the VAMC, temporary director of the service did not even want to listen to any comments concerning the disability situation. Col (R) Donald R. Anderson, MD, FACC, FCCP; 202-294-7948